Flexuous Tree-မာယာမ်ားတဲ့သစ္ပင္

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ငယ္ငယ္ကတည္းက ဘိုစာညံ့လို႔ လြဲေခ်ာ္ေနတာေတြကို
Just tried to write with my socalled-english.
Pls. correct me if you find the inappropriate usage
or whatever unsuitable.

(English Version-မာယာမ်ားတဲ့သစ္ပင္)

Flexuous Tree

There was a tree...
not far from a small hill
with a reddish-brown stem, besides.
But just like a post.
The butterfly giggled...had a glance at it.
Then flee to the stream
"There were cleaner pubbles"...he said.

Two men arrived now and then.
Fell down just beside the tree
Get fast asleep.
The tongue got out as they were so weak.
Was named "The left" and "The right".
What a wise tree it is.
Had sympathy on them
And murmured softly to the men.

Oh see..the Lord gave it the chance
To stretch out the branches and bear fruits.
Loads of branches and fruits.

Two fellows woke up..open their mouth wide...
The tree just chuckled..making a shake.
"The left" and "The right" started their inside out.
They snatched and ate all the fruits.
They picked all the leaves
Covering their bodies.
Layered out the bark..to make a rope.
Tied and pulled down the tree.
It murmured painfully.
iT...m U R m U r E d ....PaInfUlLy.

Took a look at the tree
The Lord just sighed.
Falling tree just had a look at the men..
What kind of fellows you are!
Then broke down by the root.

As the times flied..
The tree grew by itself
as before like a reddish-browny stem..
'OH..NO'.....his wish never filled
Load of branches and fruits..AGAIN!
There were things he could..
He knew it.

Coiled the stem..thichened the bark...
with full of spikes.
With brittle leaves and bittered fruits.
Winding the branches.....so chaotic as much as it could.
Took a look at the tree
The Lord just sighed.

Written in remembrance of timber works and natural resources in
especially for the (LDC)countries with certain natural reserves
which are surrounded by resource-hunry countries